Our new website is now up and operational.
Welcome to the new ThirstyDawg.com

It's been a long time coming, but ThirstyDawg.com is back! If you have heard the old parable of the cobbler's shoes, you know how hard it is for a professional web developer to find the time to devote to their own website. Such was the case for ThirstyDawg. After languishing for years, including several during which the site was broken due to a database error, we've rebuilt the site in a modern content management system that should allow the entire family to update pages, throw up pictures, or write a blog post.

We're not promising anything, but we do hope to keep the website much more up-to-date than had been the case previously. We invite our family and friends to bookmark the site, and return as often as you like. You might just see something you like.


Content Management System?

Yes indeedy. We knew that if the site ever had any hope of getting updated regularly, editing and content management had to be quick and easy. Whereas the old website was built on a quirky database system Carl developed almost a decade ago, the new incarnation is put together with a modern Content Management System (CMS) application called Concrete5 developed by our friends at Portland Labs here in Oregon. This CMS allows us to write and edit text as easily as creating a Microsoft Word document, and it's image-handling capabilities ensure all our pictures are displayed at their very best every time.

Who is ThirstyDawg, anyway?

The idea of ThirstyDawg goes back all the way to 1997 and the courtship of Margaret and Carl. We were living 2,000 miles apart, but having just gotten engaged that Thanksgiving we were collaborating over the phone on a Christmas card that would double as a "save the date" notice for our wedding the following April. The concept of the card itself had been decided but we both knew that, in true Alsup/Steinhilber fashion, the production had to have a brand. A catchy name and logo that represented the fun and love of our union. The brand name elluded us for quite a while, until Margaret's chocolate lab Hershey came into the kitchen for a drink. Hershey made a roucous at the waterbowl that was so loud the two of us could not hear one another, so we waited, and waited, and waited, for her to be done. But the lapping continued for several long minutes, until Margaret screamed "that's one thirsty dog!" There was a long pause, then both of us simultaneously quiped "hey!", and a brand was born.

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