About ThirstyDawg

ThirstyDawg began over two decades ago, as Margaret and I were in the process of creating a "Save the Date" card for our wedding. Lore would have it, as we had finally agreed on the front and inside design and content, our focus turned to the back.

"Well, we have to come up with a logo for the back," we thought.

"But what should it be?"

There was several minutes of silence as we racked our brains, interrupted only by the sound of Margaret's chocolate labrador Hershey lapping at her water bowl, which continued for several more minutes.

"Man, that's one thirsty dog!" Margaret finally exclaimed.

And a brand identity was born. ThirstyDawg has been a part of every Christmas card since.

Several thirsty dogs later, our rescue terrier/cattledog/chow mix Enzo is the current brand mascot.

Enzo the ThirstyDawg

Who we are


Architect / Singer / Mommy

Margaret is a Project Architect at OTAK, a multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, and urban design firm in downtown Portland. One of her projects - the Community Transit (WA) Cascade Admin Building at Casino Road - won an award at the 2023 DJC Top Projects Gala for Tenant Improvement and Major Renovation. In her spare time, Margaret sings with the unique women's acapella group ViVoce.


Technologist / Creative / Daddy

Carl is currently managing the Marketing Automation team at Kroger. In his spare time he enjoys micro-electronics.


Neuroscientist / Light Saber Expert

Sam changed her name in 2021, graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience, and is currently looking for lab and program opportunities. Sam also enjoys playing music and Dr. Who.


Mechanical Engineer / Robot Fanatic

Adam is graduating from Oregon State University, with a double-major in Mechanical Engineering and Product Manufacturing. He will be attending Boston University in the fall to study for his Masters in Product Design. He enjoys camping, rock climbing, and LEGOs.

Catch him at his own website: SteinhilberDesigns.com

Sprocket & Gizmo

Felines / Holy *#@%& Terrors

Sprocket and Gizmo are 5-year old brothers Margaret rescued from the streets. They are rambunctious, and confounding.


Puppy / Mascot / Thirsty Dawg

Enzo is the newest member of the family, an 8-month old terrier/cattledog/chow mix rescue with heterochromia and a willingness to eat anything he happens to find in front of his nose.

Our latest projects and thoughts


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